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Vegetarian, Vegan & Raw options in Lisbon

When in Lisbon we still feel the culture of eating a lot of meat and specially fish, for instances, in June, the hole month is dedicate to sardines.

In the past it was hard to go out to eat, not all the restaurants were vegetarian/vegan friendly… once I asked for the vegetarian option and I got a greasy omelet with mushrooms and some lettuce (did you already had a similar experience?), but nowadays I find it very easy to eat vegan and vegetarian dishes, even in places that were not specifically vegetarian or vegan.

If you are thinking about visiting Lisbon, here’s a list of places you can go to:

1) Psi, Pena

Raw   Vegan Cooked  Veg Cooked

Psi is one of Lisbon’s oldest vegetarian restaurants. Is located in the middle of a small garden with a waterfall and a lake with water lilies.


2) Jardim dos Sentidos, Avenida da Liberdade   

Raw   Vegan Cooked  Veg Cooked

Jardim dos Sentidos is located in an ancient building with an interior garden and it also provides a therapeutic area open to proposals that are enriching. During lunch time there’s a buffet option.


3) Terra, Príncipe Real

Raw   Vegan Cooked  Veg Cooked

Terra (meaning Earth in Portuguese) is a, mostly vegan, vegetarian restaurant. It has Traditional Portuguese Gastronomy, with a vegetarian twist and lots of creativity. “You don’t have to miss on the Portuguese food just because you’re vegan”. A Charming 18th-century building with a Private Garden is waiting your visit in one of the oldest areas of Lisbon.


4) The Food Temple, Mouraria  

Raw   Vegan Cooked  Veg Cooked

The Food Temple is a project, located in Mouraria, a typical part of Lisbon, that celebrates and explores food in all the aspects of our lives, it’s a Cultural Food Community.


5) Oásis, Praça de Espanha

 Raw   Vegan Cooked  Veg Cooked

Oásis is a more modest restaurant, with cheaper prices but the food is still delicious. They now deliver in Lisbon.


all photos belong to the restaurants.



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