Wellness Travel Trends

What is wellness travel?

Is a new and increasingly popular way to travel for the primary purpose of achieving and maintaining maximum health and a sense of well-being.

It’s all about finding balance in our life, a wellness type of vacation can include

  • spa treatments,
  • healthy eating and culinary events,
  • inspirational outings and adventures that clear the mind,
  • activities like hiking, walking, paddling, yoga, etc to improve the physical as well the mental state,
  • educational programs about healthy habits

It can be as simple as weekend off to rejuvenate and reenergize or it can be a longer type of vacation.

Wellness travel is all about your health without compromising the opportunity to enjoy and start your adventure. It will take discipline as you travel, it might be strange at first but it will definitely take a positive outcome in your life.

You can plan your own trip, nowadays with the help of the internet you might be able to get a more economic version of your wellness trip or you can contact companies and groups that are able to arrange every detail for you such as meals, workouts, activities and so on.

There are a few new trends for wellness travels nowadays, such as

  • stop smoking retreats
  • post-cancer recovery retreats
  • eat-well detox holidays
  • wow factor
  • weight loss program
  • social group fitness holidays
  • eco-friendly wellness retreats

There’s even wellness travel awards for the 6 continents, in 41 countries and regions, along with the top 10 properties in each of 20 categories.



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