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Traveling to Bali

Bali was my last trip of 2016. It was my first time visiting an Asian country and I’ve just fell in love with the people, specially their deep connection with nature, the culture, the vibrant colors, healthy food and the oh so many temples!

Before traveling to Bali you should be aware of some details,

1) Pack light

The weather is absolutely gorgeous, hot and sunny, but if you visit the island during the rainy season prepare to protect your self from getting soaking wet. Other than that all you need is a swimsuit, light clothing, comfortable shoes and don’t forget the sun block and insect repellent (!).

2) Vaccines

There are no mandatory vaccines or medication for Bali, but if you’re traveling to other islands in Indonesia you should definitely check the vaccines and/or pills you need to take. If you prefer to be extra conscious, or traveling to another of Indonesian island, I would recommend to make a Pre-Travel Appointment.

3) Prepare for a long flight if you live in Europe

The flight to Bali from Europe is quite long and, depending on where you’re traveling from, most times the flight would not be direct. Get some comfortable clothes for a long flight, I always get cold in airplanes so I tend to take a comfy coat with me, some comfortable leggings and usually sneakers. Remember to drink a lot of water as we tend to dehydrate on long flights. One on the things that I always carry with me is a good eye cream (another good option is an eye mask), since I’m not one of the lucky ones that fall asleep in planes, so I can have a fresh face and no dark circles under my eyes when landing.


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