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5 Tips If You’re Visiting The Vacitan City

Rome is just a breath taking city and as if it wasn’t enough, it  houses an entire state within the city center, the Vatican.

Vatican City holds St. Peter’s Square, the famed Sistine Chapel, perfectly gardens and the Vatican Museum and – yes you’ve guess it – is the home of the Pope himself.

Here are 5 tips if you decide to visit the Vatican City,

1) Wake up early and be patient

To visit the Vatican Museum and its wonders prepare to be waiting in a queue for hours and hours. Don’t forget to pack some snacks and water. However, if you want to avoid the ticket line altogether it is possible to purchase passes ahead of time online. The Vatican Museum opens Monday to Saturday. The Ticket Office is open from 9 am to 4 pm. The Museums open at 10 a.m. and close at 6 pm. The admission ticket permits the tourist to visit the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel and is valid for the day of issue.

2) Dress Code

Remember that this is a religious place, as a sign of respect most visitors wear long-sleeve shirts and a pair of long pants.

3) The staircase

After the long wait for the ticket line, I’m sure you’re just dying to check out all the amazing art, but don’t rush into the museum: instead, veer off to the side and you’ll find a fabulous winding staircase.


4) The Gardens

Don’t forget to visit the lovely gardens, the Vatican Gardens have been a place of quiet and meditation for the popes since 1279 when Nicholas III  moved his residence back to the Vatican from the Lateran Palace.

5) St Peter’s Basilica

St Peter’s Basilica is the final resting spot of Saint Peter and has seen the burial of many Popes. Designed by Michelangelo, Bramante, Maderno and Bernini, the construction began in 1506. You can contemplate the beauty inside the Basilica and also the views from the top, not the mention the fresh air, there are – only – 554 steps up to the top.


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